My Convert to DVD makes everything skip

Alright every mpg, or avi file I try converting with Convertxtodvd ends up coming out screwy.

I keep getting skips or choppiness. I used to get smooth transfers but not any longer.

Ive tried Converting Pal MPG files to NTSC DVD files but they come out with weird lines afterwards.

When i convert even regular NTSC AVI’s or MPG’s they come out with skips/choppiness.

Can anyone help me?

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Akon martas

Is the problem apparent on the PC or on a standalone DVD Player.

If it’s just the latter then it’s probably down to using poor quality media & getting poor burns.

Well the skipping thing isnt happening anymore

But what im doing is

I am making mpg’s out of a European PAL DVD that a friend of mine video taped.

The MPG’s play perfect on my computer. Once they are converted to NTSC DVD format with Converttodvd they have weird black lines on the images in the videos. As if its not converting into NTSC proeprly. Any ideas anyone?

Hi there,

Are you running the latest v2.0.15 version ?

Post us a full conversion log, some other users (Good with video files) might see something ahvious in the logs !

No im not running the new version. How do I upgrade?

The only problem im having now is when I Convert PAL MPG files to an NTSC DVD I get weird fuzzy black lines on images when they move around fast…even when viewed on my computer, so its not the Media.

If you have purchased a license key for ConvertXtoDVD, you are aloud 1 year of free upgrades. To upgrade simply download the latest version. (you do not need to uninstall first and you will not need to reenter you license key)

try with the latest version and then report back if the problem is still there.