My computer wont regognize Verbatim CR-R disks when I try and burn music



Hello, thanks for checking out my question. I have burnt lots of dvd’s through Windows media player, but they were DVD disks. So anyhow I wanted a cd. I went and bought “Verbatim CD-R” disks. I put them in my burner and windows media player says “Insert disk” same thing with trying to burn it through “Itunes” and CDBURNERXP. This is so frusterating. I called the store where I bought the disks from and he says “download new software” well to say the least I did this and its still not working! :frowning: Can anyone help?
The type of burner I have is
and the operating system on my laptop is Windows Vista.


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The drive isn’t recognizing the disks. Sometimes this can be helped by updating the firmware of the drive.

Matshita drives are not particularly good drives and Matshita/Panasonic don’t often provide new firmware for them. You’ll need to get the firmware from the maker of your laptop.

Tell us the make and model computer you have and we may be able to locate a new firmware for you.

Another thing to try is to remove the upper and lower filters. Follow this guide for that:



Make sure that you are not trying to burn the CD-R as a DVD - it ain’t never gonna work if ya do.

Also - you may want to try ImgBurn - available here: it’s free and a really good copy/burning program-eh.