My computer won't burn to a dvd! help!



whenever i try to burn any type of file to a dvd it says no disc found please insert a cd-r/rw or a message like that. it never says insert a dvd-r/rw it doesn’t let me burn stuff to a dvd, could this be my cd/rom drive?

i have no idea what type my cd/rom drive is i checked and i found it and it told me nothing… just numbers and crap.
i can read what it says on the front of the cd/rom drive it says:

Super Multi
DVD Multi
Compact Disc Rewriteable

and that’s all it says, don’t tell me to go look in the device manager though, that’s where i found all the numbers… no brands at all.

Can somone please recommend a good drive to me?
i custom built my computer and i was running low on cash so i needed to stick with my budget so i bought the crappy LG cd/rom drive,

i don’t need any links to sites because i already know where i’ll buy it from, i have 3 places and they’re all in canada.

please help me,
one more question…
what should the drive i buy have for statistics and all that other stuff?



what’s the best brand for dvd burners out of these three? sony, pioneer or lite-on?

i’m going to post the links to the three drives i have in mind and you tell me the best of the three, they’re all in the same price range (actually they are all $53.99, that’s the max for my price range i will spend up to $60.00 but that’s not likely)





follow those links and tell me wich one’s the best 1, 2, 3, or 4

i’m only asking this cause i’m not really sure about what to look for in a DVD Burner.



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anyways i bought a pioneer dvd-rw burner