My computer wont burn dvds

ok so i want to burn downloaded movies, and i have tried different burners but everytime i put a blank dvd in my dvd rom drive it doesnt recognize it and asks me to enter a blank dvd. my drive can read any other kind of dvd, in other words i can watch movies on my pc but it wont let me burn and wont recognize a blank disk. the drive will burn and recognize blank cds though so i dont understand why it wont read blank dvds. any suggestions?

Maybe your drive is a dvd-rom not a burner, what is the model of the drive?

this is going to be a stupid question but where is the model number?

the model number is SOHC-4836K05C

It what I thought it is a dvd-rom it will only read dvds not write them, sorry, you will need to get a dvd burner.

[QUOTE=Sethmk;2223617]the model number is SOHC-4836K05C[/QUOTE]

That is a COMBO, no dvd burner.

ok so i want to burn downloaded movies

You better makle sure they are not copyrighted…