My computer stopped recognizing this dvd

HI ALL Im a newbie that has been reading this forum for a bit, but now i have a reason to post. i have this stupid little problem that i hope someone can help me with. i have a matshita ujda710 which is a dvd/cd-rw in my laptop. for the past few weeks, i have been watching videos off of a burned dvd with no problems. all of a sudden a few days ago, my computer stopped recognizing this dvd. it can read cd’s, dvd’s and mp3 cds with no problem, however it just wont read this one. is there something i can do? i dont think it is a mechanical problem since it was reading fine a week ago, maybe its a driver or plugin? i have the newest edition of mediaplayer and i have windows xp. this is really bothering me, i tried everything. can someone please help me?



Welcome to CDFreaks, even though you’ve been here for awhile. We hope you’ll continue to post and make yourself part of the community here. :slight_smile:

As for your question, you might want to check to see if the DVD is scratched. It might be a problem with the media that you are using too. Are the other DVDs that your computer has no problem readintg burned DVDs or purchased ones? Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Happens all the time. You probably got some dirt or fingerprints on it.

I wipe the dvd off with a clean, really soft cloth. Works wonders…usually.