My computer screen/moniter has turned to its side and went bigger

Dont even know mif this is a topic for CD Freaks, but,

After installing and playing Need For Speed Most Wsnted, my computer screen/moniter has turned to its side and went bigger!

i don’t know how to explain it but surely someone knows what it is and how to fix it!!

PLEASE PLEASE HELP It will be very very appreciated Thanks


the first thing I would try is to update the grafics driver.

The game was all fine, and when i exited it it was then that the screen has turned to its side.

I’m using my other PC Right now, but the other one is still wierd. ive restarted the PC and its still a bigger resolution and on its side!

Bringing to top… sorry but its fecking annoying!

Probably only the gfx settings for the Desktop were altered.

All fine now.

Ok, so what did you do that fixed it.

I went into my control panel and changed the graphics card settings, it seems that the first time i played the game it changed on its own. now everything is all ok and fine.

older poorly written games would default certain moniters to 640x480 256colour…what a pain in the ass.