My computer keeps displaying a blue screen when i turn it off!




I have a dell dimension 5000 with windows xp and recently after i shut it down a blue screen comes up saying their has been a fatal hardware error. It mentions Sonic DLA and just before the ‘windows is now closing down’ message a pop up which appears and dissapears quickly also says a problem with Sonic DLA. Im completely rubbish with computers and should i uninstall my cd burning software or is it the cd burner itself which is the problem? It is now refusing to turn off at all with out switching it off!! grrr

Please help before i make it worse and uninstall something which i need!!

many thanks


Welcome to CD Freaks. :slight_smile:

Uninstall Sonic DLA. It shouldn’t affect your ability to burn [your computer probably came with other software besides DLA to allow you to burn], and the DLA software isn’t really all too recommended.

After uninstalling it, be sure to test your CD burner [and any other optical drives] to make sure you can still read CDs, etc.


Thanks Albert! ill see if it works!!