My computer is driving me nuts

Ok, since a couple months ago, I think there has been an electrical blackout for a split-second, and since then my computer began to really make a whole lot of noise, apparently when the CPU was sollicited, and it progressively degradated over time. The PSU seemed to make a whole lot of noise when that did happen, as the case fan did. I have changed most everything and the problems remains. I changed the mobo, CPU, graphics card (a low-voltage one not a high-end GeForce or Radeon at all), case fan, tried two different PSUs, changed the electrical plugs with a high-end one with UPS, still to no avail. It makes so much noise out of the blue it’s INCREDIBLE. And now my LCD monitor, BenQ FP767-12 (which is well isolated enough), the geometry appears fucked and the colors shapes and all appear so weird, but on another computer it’s fine, I’m really speechless. Just what is there left to change? Most of these I killed two birds with one stone (as in, upgrading wehn I needed to). I have not changed the RAM and not much else, maybe I just missed something important. I use 256 megs of PC2100 DDRAM, a Barton 2500 XP+ (not overclocked), a GeForce 4 MX, and I now use a 400W PSU, I changed it also and the problems remain. I will maybe try the casing, but I am clueless, some components (CPU, gfx card and HDDs, all the PSUs I put in) seem to overheat a little, put I pretty much cannot tell why anymore. Please help this is the most fucked up hardware problem lol. :wink:

I was gonna say the PSU, that usually works in alot of cases. You may need a new MB+CPU+RAM. I use a handy lil program for AMD processors to control heat you can check it out here:

Well I changed the mobo and CPU and it made no difference, So I geuss I will swap in a new stick of RAM someday. Anything else I could check? Please mention every possibilty as detailed as possible, maybe there is an omportant step I did wrong. About my LCD monitor, I don’t think it’s because of the electrical failure really. As I write this I cafn see the luminescence swifting and the contrast too, but the values of parameters don’t change. I tried to leave the monitor alone, degauss it and turn it off, it does not changes.

Ok I ran your program, are there setting I could paste here that might or might not help you diagnoscize my problem?

That program is pretty much to control heat by partially shutting down your CPU when its not active.

I tought of that, then how do i set it up to act accordingly to do just that?

I do not understand on how to setup your program, could someone please help me?