My computer hangs when my Sony DVD DW-Q120A or my Samsung SH-C522C is used



I have been using a samsung SH-C522C CD-ROM drive and a Sony DVD DW-Q120A drive in my system with Pentium D 3GHz processor and 512 MB RAM. Recently my CD ROM drive wouldn’t read and if any cd was inserted it would make my computer hang…my system analyst found a memory virus and said that as the reason for it…so the virus was removed ,my hard disk formatted and Windows XP reinstalled…After this my CD and DVD drives worked fine…I went for the online update of my Windows XP SP2,got it authenticaticated and validated the software from the Microsoft website and installed IE7, WMP 11 and other security updates and service packs by automatic download…all was fine when all of a sudden my DVD and my CD drives made my computer hang and required nothing less than a reboot every time i used them…this time I don’t find any virus in my system…Also when I reboot my system with the CD/DVD in the drive slot …the drives function…but wouldn’t do so if they were ejected and reloaded…

What is the real problem…I am going crazy…Please Help :confused: :sad: