My computer hangs after I hear a click

Hi, I am new at posting and stuff so I hope I am doing it right.
While trying to stream a video I heard a click and my pc hung up for a while. Afterward I can be doing something and hear the click and it hangs again. When I rebooted it took for ever to get past the windows xp page where the blue line runs, after I finally get to log on it runs great and suddenly (CLICK) and and hang and back to the races. I did a clean install and my pc ran great untill I was streaming a video whitch utilized ffshow and I have the same problem now. Takes forever to boot and hangs after it makes a click , Like a snap sound. Please can someone help. Thanks, Bill

Hi billman11 Welcome to MyCe

It sounds like the Hard Drive is starting to go out. If I were you I would back up all my important stuff as soon as possible and then get the Hard drive replaced.

No, Its not that kind of a noise. Sounds like the noise is coming from the video card., But Thanks

Failing capacitor somewhere? I’d unplug the computer then do a visual inspection of the motherboard. Look for leaking or bulging capacitors.

Its easy to mistake where the sound is coming from. It might be from the power supply capacitors also, but unless you really know what you are doing, don’t open it up. The capacitors in a psu can hold a large electric charge and are dangerous.

As Kerry56 has suggested capacitor’s would be my 2 nd choice for clicking noise