My computer freezes

hi to all! im a newbie when it comes to technicalities of computer, specially those of structure and other things… well, all i know is just microsoft office applications… anyway, any help or suggestion would be of help… my problem is my cpu freezes when i run a cd on one of my cd drives… i have on ASUS DVD ROM drive and one ASUS CRW drive… note, this cd’s i put in runs on other computers… i can hear the drives humming (or zooming), but my system isn’t no longer responding, frozen… so that’s it, my resort for a while is to use my officemate’s drive thru our network… and now i think im bugging them, so your help would be very much appreciated… thanks, y’all!

Test the cd in your CD-RW drive.

Either they are empty, badly burned or just unreadable.

Could be another cause. My dell was freezing after I got it everytime I went to insert a cd. I uninstalled sonic dla, uninstalled incd, updated my bios and chipset drivers, and turned off autoplay. Problem gone…Just uninstalling the sonic dla and incd fixed some of the problems. It took the rest of the steps to make everything work perfect.

did you try this?

[QUOTE=kyzel22;2290946]did you try this?[/QUOTE]


Did you realise that you just responded to a thread that is over [B][I][U]THREE [/U][/I][/B]years old-eh!! :rolleyes: