My computer freezes when I try to burn a CD

Everytime I try to burn a CD with my CD burner, it freezes the computer. I’ve looked for hours on what the problem might be but I’ve so far been unable to find anything that has helped me (and so far I’ve wasted around 10 CDs). The first two times I used it, it worked fine, I got 2 (data) CDs burned, but now every_single_time without fail, my computer completely freezes.

I have a LITE-ON LTR-52246S CD burner and Windows XP. I’ve tried different CD burning software, but none of them work. I’ve uninstalled all CD burning software except for CD Burner XP Pro (it’s free, and it worked fine on the first 2 CDs…), and I’ve even tried un-installing and re-installing the software.

I’ve done numerous virus scans, spyware scans, system repairs (to repair hard drive problems, registry error fixes, optimizing PC performance), and so far I’m still having the same problem.

I’ve tried installing the newest firmware for the CD Burner, but still, to no avail.

If anyone has any clue as to what could be causing this problem, I would really appreciate the input. …The other strange thing is that I HAD been able to burn audio CDs fine, and, as I said, the first two data CDs I burned worked fine. All the rest don’t. PLEASE HELP SOMEBODY, ANYBODY. I’d really like to not have to buy a new CD Burner… :sad: :sad:

UPDATE: I just tried burning an Audio CD (with iTunes) and it was perfectly fine, absolutely no problem. Then I tried burning a data CD (with CD Burner XP Pro) and it completely froze. I noticed that the red light on my burner will come on for a second, and then the light changed to orange and my computer freezes up… I have no idea… Any suggestions would be helpful…

I remember similar thread - I think someone here had a DVD burner that would locked computer up when trying to burn something (I’ll try to find that thread).
You could try to burn in safe mode, to see if the software is in question here.

I would try this do a ctl alt del to task manager and and then under processes stop all process that you can without it restarting the computer. You might have to do this more than once because one that you stop might restart the computer. Once you have all the processes that you can stopped then try and burn a disk. If it works then all you have to do is figure out which process is causing the problem with the burning.

I ran it in safe mode and it worked perfectly… what exactly does this mean, though?

I’ll try exiting the different processes, and see if that works. Thanks for all the help so far. :slight_smile:

Apparently, even safe mode isn’t completely safe – unless i completely exit the program each time before burning another CD it freezes – and unless i close every program except the essential ones (used while in safe mode), it freezes… i don’t know if there’s a real solution, but i guess unless i get another CD burner, i’m just gonna have to go through the process of being in safe mode, etc., etc. — thanks to everyone for their help, and still, if htere’s any other idea about the problem, any and all input is appreciated.

As far as I can see, reinstalling Windows is the only solution.

Sounds like

1 your system is overheating (shut down and open the case. Blow out all the dust with compressed air.)

  1. your system needs more ram

If iTunes burns with no problem and CD Burner XP Pro causes your computer to freeze up, I would be suspicious of the latter. Try posting on [B]CD Burner XP Pro forums[/B] for suggestions, possible solution.

I have the exact same problem since i bought a DVD writer a few months back. Before that, i only had a sony CD-writer which i had no problems with. But now as they are plugged in the same IDE ribbon, the cd-writer is also freezing my sistem sometimes, when i’m trying to burn a disk. (not every time)
Another anomaly that has boggled my mind, is that both the units freeze my computer only when i burn certain files on a disk. For example, i have two .avi movies in the same folder; one of them it could burn with no problems, and when i try to burn the other one on another disk, it freezes… sometimes at 16% sometimes at 30%… like random… but it freezes. It’s like he just doesn’t like the file…
I also tried moving that particular file on another HDD, and the same thing happens…

Everything works fine in safe mode tho…

(ps. I tried with nero 66xx and nero 7 and it’s all the same)