My computer doesnt recognize homefront disc is in the disc drive!



Hi, i have been so stressed because i got homefront for the pc and i put int he disc but nothing. it doesnt recognize that i even put anything in it, it just comes up with the little spinning disc next to the mouse and then nlothing atall
it just goes away and it never comes up in my computer either.

I have tried other discs on my computer and it all works an the homefront disc works on my mums old laptop, bu ti dont want to play it on that as the graphics are terrible and wont support the game.



Do you have recording/emulation/crack software residing on your pc that could circumvent the reading of this disc?


Umm im not sure what that means to be honest, sorry :frowning: i dont have any recording software or anything if thats what u mean,


What kind of disc is that, cd, dvd, mixed mode etc??

And what specific drive is in your computer??