My computer doesn't recognise my LITE-ON SOHW-812S


I am having a problem with my DVD Burner. I want to copy a DVD from one drive (D:) and burn it on to a blank DVD-R which I put in my DVD-RW Drive (E:).

I have been using Sonic Record DX to try and do this. This is the original DVD burner software that came pre-loaded on to my computer.

I have had the computer for just over three weeks and to begin with everything was fine I could copy DVDs without any problems but now Sonic Record DX will not let me copy DVDs.

When it tells me to insert a Blank DVD-R in the DVD-RW drive I do this but then I get a message saying “Please insert Blank DVD”. I’ve tried several brand new DVD-Rs which I have just taken out of the wrapping so I know there is nothing on them but yet the software still tells me to insert a Blank DVD.

It doesn’t seem to be recognising blank DVD-Rs in the E:\ drive.

The E:\ drive plays CDs, DVDs etc fine.

I’ve gone to My Computer and checked the status of the DVD-RW drive (E:) and it says everything is fine. I insert a blank DVD-R in the E:\ and the icon on My Computer changes to a DVD-R symbol which shows that the computer has recognised the blank DVD-R. I’ve checked the properties aspect of the blank DVD-R and it says Free Space - 0 bytes and Used Space 0 bytes. I don’t know whether this means that isn’t recognising the disc or that it’s just blank.

Do you think I need some kind of patch or bug fix to enable me to record to blank DVDs again?

Please help!!



Don’t copy on-the-fly, and don’t try to use RecordNow to copy a CSS protected disc.

Hi - don’t quite understand your reply?

Everything works fine in my E:\ drive if I put a “normal” CD in the Lite-on burner eg a game or music cd. However, if I put in a blank CD-R or DVD-R it states something along the lines of “E:
ot accessible” or “Please insert disk” even when there is one in the drive.

Any help would be appreciated as I would like to use this drive to back-up my files on the computer etc.

What kind of disc is it? Can you view the Media ID using programs like DVDInfoPro or DVD Identifier?

Where do i get DVDInfoPro from? Also, I have two “accounts” on the computer. The Burner works fine under one but not the other!