My computer doesn't read my bought Neverwinter Nights platinum

I just bought Neverwinter Nights platinum. When I put the disk in my computer doesn’t even read it; it is as though there is no disk in it. I have tried the run command in the start menu, but it just says place a disk in drive E. It does say DVD-ROM edition on it could that be it?

Is your device DVD-ROM? Or just CD-ROM? If it is a CD device, it is not likely to read a DVD disc.

Yeah I have the same problems LeadReaper with my Silent Hill 3 and 4 that I bought in China, I bought TONNES of games over there and only those 2 games don’t work, oh yeah I got a LiteOn DVD +R/RW. I dont know the brand number cause I threw away the box, but I have the same problem as you i place in the cd and it doesnt read like there is no cd in there on something. But for me sometimes it works, sumtimes it doesnt but most of the time it doesnt and my cds arent scratched at all and I only had this comp for a year and it neva did that to ne of my cds except these 2 games. And also I know they work cause I tested them out on my sister’s comp with her CD Rom and it works, AutoRun and all.

hey, i just bought my version of neverwinter nights platinum and i have a dvd rom/rw. it wont read my disk. did you ever fix yours to read it.