My computer can't save stuf anymore...Hello everybody... HEEELP!

[qanda]This thread is about the Fujitsu-Siemens AMILO L7320. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hello everybody…

I mad some alot of big mistakes for two days ago… I tried to clean my computer by deleting some files…
I deleted alot of elements from these files:
dllcache (eccept 25 elements), prefetch, temp, %temp%, and I can’r remember what the last one was… but I didn’t delete all the elements in these files, only these that I could delete “without being asked”…

I discovered after a day… while I was making an assignmet for my school, that my computer delete everything after I save the dokuments and turn the computer off… so when I turn it on, I won’t find the assignment (which I wrote in “word”)… I tried to do something else, just to make sure that it is not the word program who is making this crap, so I changed the picture of my desktop, and restarted the computer… and guess what? nothing changed!!!, it didn’t save the change that I did before restarting :’(
I tried to put the windows cd, to chek if there r some files missing, but nothing changed
so please help… I don’t want to reinstall it at the moment…is there any other solution the reinstalling??

yours Mariam

You can try system restore to a early time.

I did that too… but it didn’t work :S

If system restore did not work, you have two choices. You can install Windows over the top of the original install (do a repair install), or you can do a new clean install.

omg… how should I do these things? -u know, I’m actully very stupid in technology… but if I should install Windows over the top of the original install, how should I do that?

Search google, and it will give you a step by step explanation.