My computer can't read HG2TGalaxy at all



Sorry for the possibly stupid inquiry, but my computer cannot play the original Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy that I just bought.

The movie plays fine on my stand alone unit on my TV, but my computer can’t read it at all.

Although I am no techno genious by any stretch I can tell you that my computer is plenty fast and powerful and I get all the new movies and have never had this problem before.

Any ideas?


I just bought this myself. Region 1, Widescreen.

Put it in my PC and…

Comes up just fine!

I don’t know what’s wrong with yours. Mastering error, perhaps? Take it back and say it doesn’t work in your player, get another copy.

My first guess would have been some of that irritating software that auto-launches, but the disc doesn’t even have that!


ODDLY, mine doesn’t play in my SET TOP BOX. It came up once, crapped out, and now refuses to read at all. My $30 cheapie Cyberhome plays it, so does the PC. But not the Pioneer. Time to take this one back. I’m guessing REALLY CRUDDY MASTERING PROCESS here. :frowning: