My computer can'r save things anymore, HEEEEEELP! :S

[qanda]This thread is about the Fujitsu-Siemens AMILO L7320. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hello everybody…

I mad some alot of big mistakes for two days ago… I tried to clean my computer by deleting some files…
I deleted alot of elements from these files:
dllcache (eccept 25 elements), prefetch, temp, %temp%, and I can’r remember what the last one was… but I didn’t delete all the elements in these files, only these that I could delete “without being asked”…

I discovered after a day… while I was making an assignmet for my school, that my computer delete everything after I save the dokuments and turn the computer off… so when I turn it on, I won’t find the assignment (which I wrote in “word”)… I tried to do something else, just to make sure that it is not the word program who is making this crap, so I changed the picture of my desktop, and restarted the computer… and guess what? nothing changed!!!, it didn’t save the change that I did before restarting :’(
I tried to put the windows cd, to chek if there r some files missing, but nothing changed :frowning:
so please help… I don’t want to reinstall it again at the moment…is there any other solution the reinstalling??

yours Mariam

You can re-install XP over XP and get it working again. If you don’t know how to do this do a little research first. It isn’t hard. You can do this without erasing anything. If you stick in the XP disc it should ask you if you wish to repair Windows. It depends how your machine was set up. Whatever you do do not proceed till you have researched it.

This link helped me once.

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Put the xp disc into the cd/dvd drive.
Go to start then run.
Type [B]sfc /scannow[/B] and let the OS check if any important files are missing or corrupted.
In word did you check [B]file [/B]and look to see at the bottom of the drop down menu to see if your files are listed??
I hope this sorts the matter out for you.