My CloneDVD2 says New version but

When I start my CloneDVD2 program and go to the second page, a menu pops up and says a new version is available asking me if I want to go to the download page. When I say yes, it show the version I already have. The version I have is Is there a new version.Now it is showing the message as soon as I open the program.

Click refresh in your browser.

I have done that and the popup keeps asking me to update to a new version. When you say refresh your browser, I assume that is just what you mean. I can also just press no, but it keeps happening everytime I open the program.

I mean “refresh” in your internet browser, whatever that might be. Usually CTRL+F5.

Just F5 works also in IE.

I saw 5.1 for 1 sec and when I went to download I had the program open when I closed the program it says there is a new update. Is this so.

Excuse me? :confused: is on the SlySoft website now

CTRL + F5 refreshes the page without using the browser-cache…

I am being bombarded with updates CloneDVD and AnyDVD I had to reboot twice already. You could have given us a clue. Just joking.

Ive been having the same problem.I downloaded & its keeps showing version loaded & telling me there is a newer version available.

Having the same problem mate - however my Anydvd updates with no problems.

Even I learn something new everyday… Thanks.

I am having same problem I did all that still after reboot says new version available then after new install comes up as 2841 not 2851 getting very frustrated any thoughts out there?

Where and when did you download it?