My cheapo discs are verbatim



just got a sample from my local computer shop ,its a ridisc and they said its got the ritec go5 dye . just checked and its verbatim mcc02rg20 . :slight_smile:
im thinking this is better than the g05 ,am i right ?

they are also pretty cheap should i go ahead and buy some?


would maybe buy some but, WHERE ARE YOU !


im in heckmondwike, the shop is in dewsbury, west yorkshire
if they are good i can get the contact details tommorow if anybodys interested


Yes and yes. :slight_smile:

MCC02RG20 are significantly better than standard Ritek G05 media and would normally cost about twice the price when sold as Verbatim.


I concur. I trust Ritek G04 but definitely not G05. They are all over the place with their results.