My cdw/dvd player won't work

This is my first time here so I hope I give enough info for someone to be able to help me with this.
First of all I’m using a Presario Compaq computer running windows xpsp2.
I haven’t used my cd/dvd burner in quite awhile. When I tried to use my cd/dvd burner it wouldn’t work. Going into the device driver theres a yellow exclamation point over TSST Corp cdw/dvd TS-H 492A. I get the message that reads windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing, code 39.
I don’t know how it happened unless my using a registry cleaner a couple months back removed something it shouldn’t have.
I’ve uninstalled this and rebooted my computer so it would reinstall the hardware but it keeps reinstalling the bad one that won’t work. I can’t use system restore because I deleted all of them except for the last one before I knew my cd player wasn’t working. I even took it to the shop and they couldn’t figure out how to fix it.

Does anyone have any idea on how I can fix this so I can use my cd/dvd drive again? I’m a beginner so if anyone can help please use simple, step by step instructions. Any help would be very greatly appreciated.

But you did do the right thing first to uninstall the device and reboot to have windows reinstall the correct device/drivers. Have you gone to the hp/compaq site to look up your computer on their site. They should have hardware updates and firmware updates as well. Do you have a recover cd or dvd to restore your computer back to factory state when you first bought it? I would recommend giving hp/compaq site support a look they might have some useful help on this problem. All I can think once a file is corrupted unless you have the original cd/dvd to find the files you have to reformat/reinstall O/S to fix the problem.

Go to the manufacturers website for the burner and download a driver and install it. Also a generic optical disc player driver should work. There should be a download at the Compaq website for that computer for all drivers also.

The Drive really don’t need the driver plus windows install the drive and proper driver also.

Go to the m$ support site and serach for CODE 39 solutions.

Thanks for your answer. I’ll check this out and se if it fixes my problem

windows will not install the drive or driver. I’ve uninstalled this and when I reboot windows searches for the program and then it does reinstall it but it reinstalls the bad one thet won’t work

Thanks for your answer I’ll check this out and see if it solves my problem. Hopefully it will

Thanks for answering my question. I haven’t gone to the site yet but plan on it tomorrow. I hope it works. I don’t know why windows wouldn’t reinstall the correct drive and drivers after I uninstalled the bad one. It just reinstalls the same one I uninstalled. What is a firmware update and how would I know if I need that? I have no idea what a firmware update is. I also don’t know if its a hardware update I need or something else. Yes I have a recovery cd (I think) I have the windows xp cd and then a system recovery I made when I first got the computer which consists of 7 cd’s however I don’t know which one of the 7 I would use for this problem if I could use the cd’s. I can’t use the cd’s to fix this because the cd drive doesn’t work. I think the drive use to be “E” because its missing. I don’t have an “E” drive anymore. I have C,D,F,G,H, and I but no E