My CD-ROM Drive Suddenly Dissapeared From "My Computer"

I’ve had this desktop PC for about 3 yrs now and have never had any prob with my Disc drives (CD-RW/DVD) until now. They suddenly just “GONE”.
Everytime I open from the media player or form “explore”, I do not see the list that used to say “CD-RW: E” and “DVD: D” under “My Computer”, anymore now.
And actually, the same problem happened to the “memory stick” drive a while before, and I have not had the chance to solve this prob, then I got a new prob with my disc drives now.
I have no idea what’s happened. If any of you guys knows what the problem is and how I can restore my CD drives and also my memory stick drive back again, I’d really appreciate it.
Thanx before!


Its been a while since I did hardware support for CD-ROMs, but if I recall correctly, it could be a virus. Have seen a virus get through even a anti-virus protected PC, and some can hide the drives. Might be worth looking into.

I would think it is more likely due to some other configuration or the IDE cables going bad.
Try some new IDE cables.

do you have an nforce based motherboard? what IDE drivers are you using? try going to the Device Manager and uninstalling both the Primary and Secondary IDE channels then reboot.

I thought you said that regcure was a free download?

i got the same problem and i need help

[QUOTE=Radium93;2454265]i got the same problem and i need help[/QUOTE]

Try this out

Sometime is is a software problem.

i think its a softwere problem, but how do i fix that