My CD-ROM DRIVE can only copy 0,85 MB/sek. but it provides 5 MB/s, why?



I switch on Everything, DMA, Syncronisation all the shit, but I only have got 0,85 MB/sek!
I connected first my Harddisk c: as Master and my Hardisk D: as Slave, my CD-ROM Drive as Master ide02 and my CD-Writer on slave ide02
but it was so slow, that I chage them to
harddisk c: master, CD-rom slave, Hardisk(6,4 GB [slow]) d: as Master ide02 and CD-Writer as slave ide02!!
are there any better ways to conecct my drives??
I still need help!


Do not mix harddrives and cd rom on one ide port.
Harddrive is 32 bit access and cd rom is 16.
Ide port defaults to slowest.
Try changing the way you have the cds configured.