My CD-ROM disappeared, really need your help!

hello. i have HP laptop with:
LightScribe SuperMulti 8X DVD /-RW with Double Layer Support

one day my CD-ROM just vanished with no reason:

i googled around the web for a solution and found something about REGEDIT and some “UpperFilters” “LowerFilters” kind of thing, but i don’t have it in my REGEDIT:

can somebody help?! even a driver! something guys, please :frowning:

Have you tried to disable the drive in disk management and then re-booting your PC ?

it doesn’t even show up in the Device Manager.
i have no idea what to do, it looks like Vista wont recognize it.

Go into your Bios setup during boot before Vista is started. Look around in there and see if you can find it detected.

nope, its not there neither! :frowning:

If Bios does not detect it, it doesn’t exist; as far as your computer is concerned.

Possible lost power to the drive. Possibly the drive firmware is blown. Possibly the the drive has gone south of functional. If the tray opens and closes its probably not a power problem but it still could be.

Its less likely the mainboard hardware and far more likely the drive. If you can pull it out and get it tested it might reveal the problem.

There is [B]no way [/B]you’ll get Vista to show that drive if Bios is not detecting it.

Is it getting power? Will drawer open and close ?
Check the power plug and the cable to the motherboard.

its a laptop, and the power works.