My cd-dvd speed test results 3500

Using Ritek R03 speed test 3.75 @8X
Firmware 3500_2.FD_NS+RPC+RL

Can someone check my results and tell me a little of what I am seeing here. Is the report good or bad.

Thanks Sony3200

Your report is neither good nor bad - it is simply showing the writing speed of your drive when writing a disc at 8x Z-CLV.

In order to get an idea of whether you have a good or bad burn, you should make a Read Transfer test with Nero CD-DVD Speed (e.g. by pressing F2). The best result is a completely smooth graph starting at 6.5x going all the way up to 16x (provided the disc is full).

Here’s an example of what you want to see:

Like this

What other test are usefull with Nero CD-DVD Speed, I also have a Aopen 1648 can that be used for testing burns further?

Thanks Sony3200

You can do the same Read Transfer test on the AOpen drive. If BOTH drives show a smooth Read Transfer then you’re even more certain of a good burn.

There’s also a Disc Quality Test function (under the Extras menu) in Nero CD-DVD Speed, but I don’t know if it will run on your AOpen DVD-ROM drive, or whether it will produce a valid “PIE/PIF” scan. (DVD-ROM drives are considered to be less reliable in this respect compared to DVD burners).

ive been doing quality scan tests with my 1648/aap pro, i think it uses 32/32 ecc insted of 8/1 ecc like lteons, so expect to see high pi/pif`s but the quality score seems to be a good bench mark when comparing scans from diferent drives.

I will give it a try thanks guys