My cd/dvd rom drive has vanished!

From “My computer” completely.
I recently started using daemon tools for running (mounting) cd images. But when I used it, I did not press “set number of devices” (I later found out, on my brother’s PC, that’s how I should do it). And when I mounted a image, the virtual cd drive replaced my “real” cd rom drive. I have tried uninstalling the program but then the cd/dvd drive is gone completely!?

So how can I get my cd rom back? As it is now the computer doesn’t do anything if I insert a cd, and it doesn’t find one if I go on “my computer”…

Any ideas? I am willing to delete everything on my computer, but as my computer can’t read the xp cd rom, I’m kind of stuck. I tried downloading the xp cd ( I have an original cd-key by the way) and mounting it, but it didn’t work…

I have tried uninstalling the primary and secondary IDE channels but nothing happens. The cd/dvd drive is not in control panel>>system>>hardware>>device manager>> either.

What about booting from the Windows CD ROM?
Try adding it to another machine.

Sorry I’m quite the newb. But when you say boot, you mean delete everything on my computer right? I don’t suppose just installing XP again would help, as the cd rom driver should be on the PC before I install XP (it must have been, otherwise I would not have been able to install xp with the cd)

Would installing XP (home) again fix the problem? And how exactly can I do that without using a CD?

PS My PC is a laptop that I bought online. I got it, installed xp home, and installed a few drivers (graphics card, wireless internet etc) I don’t even know if a pc uses a driver to run a CD rom.

I’m really lost, as you probably can see.

can anyone help? Please?!