My CD / DVD drive seems dead!

Hey please say someone here can help me!!!

Iv got a Packard Bell Easynote F5 and iv had it for about 18 months now, and the my cd/dvd drive was working perfectly until about 3 months ago.

my drive is a QSI DVDRW SDW -041

The device manager says that it is working fine, but it quite clearly isnt!!

It spins for a small while (like 2seconds) but not fast, then it just stops!

and if you click on the dvd drive under my computer when there is a cd / dvd in there it says nothing is in the drive!!

please help me im goin mad!!

Have you tried diffrent disks? Maybe try a cd and see if music or anything plays? It will do that if is disk is damaged and cannot be read.

yea iv tried audio cds, data cds and dvds but nothing works!! im at a loss at wot 2 do!!

Maybe the IDE cable is not seated properly. You can try to check this. But it’s very likely that the drive is simply kaputt. :frowning: