My cd drive won't burn anymore

In the device propreties it’s listed has a HT-DT-ST CD-RW GCE-8487B.It acts like its burning a cd but when it’s done theres no burn marks on the cd,I’m using CD-RWs which I’ve never used

What software app are you using to burn with?

I used 3 diffrent ones Sonic DLA,Diskjuggler & Magic Iso I also tried the windows burning program I got the same result everytime the drive acts like it writes but no info on the cd

Help anyone

Does anyone know what it could be any help would be great

Is this an older burner? I have come across a few threads that mentioned the same problem as yours. Maybe try remove from dev. manager & reboot, let windows recognize the drive again, it’s worth a shot.

regards, katzz:)

It came with my dell demension 2400 that I bought the computer is only about a year & a half old and how exactly do I do that?

I did that and it still won’t burn

Maybe try uninstalling Sonic DLA, it’s been known to cause a few problems. :slight_smile:

I uninstalled all the programs since I can burn with WMP,it still won’t burn think my laser has just craped out on me?

Can you do us a favour? Run Nero InfoTool, and post the output here (just copy’n’paste from the text file it gives you as a result).

That way, we can see if there’s any stray bits of Sonic (or any other rogue software) on your system that might be causing this :slight_smile:

Also, how is it with burning regular CDRs (not CDRWs) - same thing?

Havin the same problem, started few days ago, used sonic and windows explorer to burn with no luck, burned an audio cd with windows media player but only a third of the disc was burned

dell insp 6400

Dead drive.