My CD drive seems to think my Windows Vista system is an Apple Mac

CDs used to install various products do not work on my Vista ultimate system when the CD was created by the manufacturer to support both Windows and Mac OS. These CDs work in an XP system and in a Windows 7 system. I have two optical drives on the Vista system (both allow writing DVDs) and the install CDs fail the same way in both drives.

When I say fail above I mean that Windows Explorer shows an incomplete list of files on the CDs. To be specific the list shown on the vista system does not include autorun.inf or setup.exe. On at least one of the CDs a gdiplus.dll file is also missing. There are also things listed that should not be on listed on a Windows install CD, .VolumeIcon.icns and .background for example. Is it possible that something is telling the drives that they are on a Mac system?

If I share a CD drive on the XP or Windows 7 system I and then place the CD in that drive I can see all the files on the Vista system. Other CD that are not also made for Mac OS work fine in all my systems and drives. So far, two CDs from Intuit, and two from HP are failing.

I have done several complete scans of my system looking for viruses using two tools each from both Norton and Microsoft and did not find anything.

One of the DVD/CD-ROM drives is an “HP DVD Writer 1070r” and the other is a Samsung “TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-S203N”. Both drives are attached with an SATA cable.

I solved this problem. It seems that someone (probably me or my son) had installed XPlay 3 on the system. For some reason this included a copy of MacDrive. I believe that MacDrive caused the problem by making the Apple Mac part of the CD be the only part that was visible to my system. I uninstalled XPlay 3 and everything is now working correctly.