My CD Burner will read but won't burn


I have 2 Identical XP Systems. My burner will read CD’s but gives me errors when I try to burn. I swapped out the drive with an identical drive and have the same problem. Both drives will burn on my other system. I have had the same problem with an external CD burner on this same system,but works fine on the other system as well.

Any suggestions ?


Running XP Home , Service pack 2 and all windows updates
Tried a system restore to date when drive worked, still broken

On the system that you are having problems with:

  1. Ensure that the drive is in DMA mode.
  2. In Device Manager, remove the optical drives (all of them), then remove the Primary and Secondary IDE. Then reboot and let windows autodetect all drivers/devices. Once it is back up try again.

What are the errors you get?

The error I recieved comes from the Windows CD Writing Wizard, and reads
“There was an error in the writing process. The disk may no longer be usable” and has options to delete files or save the data for later use.

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Have you tried other burning software? Usually burners come with software and I haven’t had the greatest results with Windows CD burning wizard. Also, what kind of media are you using?

I have tried both CD-R and CD-RW from some stable 100 packs
The drive will burn onto these discs setup on its sister sytem of matching configs. soo…

Do exactly what harly said in Post #2. Also what is the brand of media and it’s mid code? :confused: :confused: :confused:

CD Won’t Burn Solution!!! - Windows XP

This could be the best solution yet for a burner that won’t recognise a blank cd when you want to burn music or data!!!
I discovered it through much time, trial, and error. I am holding my breath but it worked the first time I tried it and I have tried EVERYTHING ELSE!!!

Go to start and then to My Computer.

Right click on Drive E, your CD burning drive.

Go to Properties and then Hardware.

Double click SAMSUNG SV1203N and wait.

Click Driver and then click Update Driver.

Choose: Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)

Choose: Don’t search. I will choose the driver to install.

Reinstall ‘Disk drive’ driver by double clicking on the icon. It will be the only driver you see listed. Wait for finish, click it, then reboot.

Copy and spread this solution to every troubleshooting forum and web site out there because a lot of people are having trouble burning cds!!! At least copy and save the link to this solution in Word Pad, keep it handy, and give it to any who may need it later.

Happy cd burning!!!