My cd burner has vanished from my

Burned a few discs earlier today and this afternoon when I booted up there was no sign of my burner,only my DVD drive shows up.

The drive won’t even open.I’ve changed nothing since this morning,how can I get it to recognise my burner again.

Any help much appreciated,thanks…

Have you checked all the cables yet ?

And it wouldn’t be bad if you tried the KennyC’s recent advice :

<Properities/Hardware/Device Manager/IDE ATA-ATAPI controllers
DELETE the channel that your drive is connected to by Right-click and select Uninstall.
Re-Boot and it should be fine >.

I don’t think it would be the cables,nothing has been touched and it was working fine until then.

Why would it just vanish??

You say it doesn’t open, right? When you reboot look at the leds on the drive if they work there is something else wrong which i don’t have a solution for, but if they don’t work then check the cables especially the power cable inside the PC.

If that is correctly installed then you can tell your burner R.I.P I think.

hey spooky20,

Yeah,no lights ,draw won’t open.

Its only done about 20 burns though and hasn’t shown any unreliability.

Nothing shows up in system profile at all?? Its just like its not there anymore??

Any other thoughts?

check cables if not then youre drive is f*cked

Yeah thanks

That is f++ked indeed.

Damn you Sony,guess i’ll change it and get a new liteon:-)

Try shutting the computer down and disconnecting the IDE and power supply cable from the Sony.

Start the computer without the Sony connected.

Shut the computer down again and reconnect the IDE cable and power supply cable to the Sony.

Boot up again and see if the drive is now working and recognized.

Don’t ask me why, but this sometimes works. It is likely caused by certain combinations of motherboards, chipsets, and power configurations that can affect the drive when powering up. Removing all cables and reinstalling seems to reset the problem condition.

Before tossing the Sony, you might check their web site for reset hints, like holding down the eject button while booting. Some drives have reset combinations built-in which are not documented.

Originally posted by boogie
[B]Yeah thanks

That is f++ked indeed.

Damn you Sony,guess i’ll change it and get a new liteon:-)

… [/B]

Inertia has the right idea, my drive decided to vanish couple of days ago. just try removing for a while. then when i put it in again it appeared. you could also try changing to position on the ide chain.