My cd burner doesn't recognize some of my CDs



I bought a verbatim pack of 50 cds, and none would work. I first thought they were fake or something, but now I noticed that cd burner won’t play any of my all verbatim cds either. It just appears as though I had not put it on. It’s very weird, because all others work, including some from unknown brands and freebies, just none that are verbatim. Should I try to get it repaired? buy a new one? or is the problem with my computer instead? I feel really stupid right now, I’ve never encountered something as odd as this before. Please help me! And forgive my english, I speak Spanish.
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I know this may sound wierd but have you tried copying one of them to another disk using your usual burning program. Also is the CD Drive the only way of reading the disks - ( have you another drive thet may ead them? )
My other thought onthis is - have you restored your system or done any upgradeswhich may have affected your software ?
If so u can do a system restore and drive will probably work - but pls back up all files first .


I can’t access any of the cds, in fact ,according to my computer there are no cds, so how can I copy them? I don’t know any other way. The cds all work fine in my older computer. I don’t think I upgraded anything of importance, but this happened a while ago, we had no clue while some cds were working and some not, only recently after much trial and error we realized it was only the verbatim ones that wouldn’t work, so to do a system restore I would have to go back to a very old version. I tried reinstalling all related software (Nero, and stuff like that), several times, thinking it may have something to do with that, but nothing. I don’t think it’s the drive that doesn’t work, and right now I would love to just format my pc but it’s a shared computer and I’m not allowed to do anything drastic. Do you have any other thoughts on what I should do? Any are appreciated.


ok, do you have anydvd installed? i had an experience that made me panic, where the dvds were read as a cd format and refused to play. After resetting any dvd everything went back to normal. This might apply for you as well, just restart anydvd and try again.


I don’t have anydvd, as a matter of fact, I don’t have a dvd player on my computer, just standard cds. I’ve been testing it with non-verbatim cds, and they not only play, but I can burn into them as well. However I’ve never heard something as weird as only one brand of cds not working, anyone know if there’s anything that makes them special, or differences with other cds?


I don’t know how this is done in XP but I think you need to go to control panel>system>device manager>cd rom>double click on your cd rom and remove it. Reboot your computer and it will re-install the cd rom. Hopefully that will fix it.



Tried this, didn’t work. Does that mean is the burner that’s wrong?


My only other suggestion is to go to the home page and follow the links to firmware and see if there is an upgrade for your drive. I didn’t re-read the entire thread, so if this has been mentioned, sorry.



Just tried this too, it still ain’t working. According to the device manager, it’s a Lite-on LTR-52327S , does that help? It came with the computer, I think it’s still under warranty (I had an extension), so maybe I should just call technical support? I avoid that because I have to take it there, and it’s somewhat far from here.