My CD Burner disappeared... help :(

My CD burner worked fine till a few weeks ago, it just disappeared from “My Computer”, thus I can’t burn or read any CDs… it was like my PC can’t recognize it.
I opened the case and checked things, everything was ok in there.
I tried to replace it with a diffrent CD drive that was in my house but it was the same problem.
Then after about 2 weeks I tried to put my CD burner again and amazingly it worked…
And now, 2 days after it started working, it’s gone again… and I really need to burn some things urgently…

Anyone has a clue wtf is wrong? :frowning:


First off, I’d try an other IDE cable with it?

Yep, try another cable.

I’ll try replacing it…

Roxio software could be the problem

how could it solve it when my cd isn’t recognized?