MY CD broke in my drive

Hi Everybody,

This forum is literally a plethora of knowledge. I however had a hard time searching for this question, in the end I decided to post a message.

I have bought a new eMachines system with DVD ROM/CD-RW drive. (Other details of the system given below). The first day, I put a CD into the drive, after some time of good play, it suddenly broke :eek: in the drive itself. I have tried to remove all the peices from the drive, but the drive does not detect any more CD’s.

Also, the cd broke, while copying a movie file on to my system, this movie file exists on the system (120 mb) but when I try to delete this file, it says this file is being used. I dont understand this, because accorsing to my experiences, since the file was not copied fully, it shudn’t have had a existence on the hard drive.

My Comp details:

OS: Windows XP
RAM: 512 MB
HDD: 80 GB
Processor: Celeron, 2.6 GHz

Please guide…:a

Take back the eMachine or call up warranty…your drive is toast.

Could you also manshon the brand and serial type of the writer so that other users are warned .

when u first inserted the cd into ur drive , did u notice anything wrong with inner plastic ring of the cdr? me and my friend played ford game ( cd ) suddenly a ripping sound boomed and windows got hanged . so i had to remove the cd and thousand of pieces came out like a broken sugar candy . earlier, i saw some cracks in the inner ring of the game cd which might be get broken due to the fast speed of the drive .

the tray motor got damaged and we had to give it for repair . luckily , it wasn`t my cd drive :slight_smile:

The cd’s can shatter if they spin beyond so many rpms (I believe 31,000 or so). The Mythbusters show on the Discovery channel,
splintered one using a rotary saw at 57.000 rpm and it went everywhere.