My car radio doesn`t read 700 MB CD-Rs, why?


Anybody that knows how I can get my Volvo car radio (SC-901, Alpine) to read 700 MB home-burned CD-Rs?

It reads original CDs and home-burned 650 MB CDs, but not the 700 MB ones.
I’ve used different brands of 700 MB CD-Rs but with no luck…

I use Nero 6 and burn audio CDs at 16x with my hp 940i (CD/DVD burner).

650 MB CD-rs are really hard to find these days, so I better find a fix to this problem!

Thanks for your help!

It might depend on the media you use.

I had to try a few types first before my car stereo would play them properly.

Now I use Verbatim , burned at 16x like you, and it’s OK.

OK, but I’ve tried Verbatim 700 MB but with no luck either…

Nobody that knows why 650 MB plays but not 700 MB???

Is your player old?

Older players tend to adhere to the [B]Red Book[/B] Standards which was designed with the 650 MB (74 minutes) in mind.

My CD player is from 1999.

I found the following info from Plextor on how CD manufacturers increase the CD capacity:

"How have vendors managed to fit 99-minutes into one CD and keep the original size? They did it in the same way as they did for the 80-minute discs—by moving the tracks of the Helix closer together and doing an overburn beyond the “stated” capacity of the disc, which boosts the full capacity of the media beyond the given specifications, adding an additional 2 to 4 minutes. The drive uses the pre-groove (the manufactured groove in a blank CD-R/RW disc) to create tracking signals to accurately position the laser to read and write. By increasing the pitch of the helix to create a 99-minute CD, this forces the laser to track a “tighter” spiral that is less tolerant of drift, and reduces the surface area between the helix onto which the laser ‘burns’ the data.

This “stretching the envelope” of CD-R technology actually causes the 99-minute discs to deviate from the accepted book standards, and fail in many CD-RW drives. Any minute physical variation in the disc itself, such as thickness variations of the polycarbonate or reflective alloy, or flutter caused by an eccentric (i.e, out-of-balance) disc, are magnified at the outer edge and may result in excessive jitter, or be beyond the capability of the CD-R mechanism to read with a minimum error rate."

I guess that only by changing the firmware of my Volvo CD might do the trick. Or?