My burnt DVD's wont play

so im trying to burn movies from my computer onto a dvd. im using cloneDVD and it dowloads the movie to my computer fine but when i burn the files to a disc and try to play it in my xbox it comes up as mixed media disc and wont play nor will it play on my actual DVD player
i burnt it at 8x writing speed and now im trying at 4x and i dont think thats going to work…is there a certain way or thing im suppose to burn on the disc so it will play?
and help is much appreciated

what is the blank media you are using

memorex DVD-R

im using convertxtodvd now and it seems to be working but i wont know until the end of the burn :confused:

Have you tried to see if those movie will play from your computer yet?

memorex DVD-R, is nothing but junk media. Try something like verbatim or tayio yuden. Make sure buy plus not minus ones. And change booktype to DVD-Rom as well.

I learned a long time ago using cds never by anything that has Memorex name on it.