My burnt DVDs won't play on anything! Please help!

Hey, i’m pretty new to this but i think i have a serious problem here. I’m using a LG GSA-E10L, with DVD Shrink, and Memorex DVD-R (16x) blank DVDs. I have burned a few DVDs using Nero at 16x and they did not work on my xbox360 or my computer. I read a few suggestions that said to lower the speed. So i burned one at 4x, still the same result. I followed other suggestions that said use different software. A friend recommended Ashampo, so i tried that…same result. After the end of the burn, the software says that they burned successfully, and I even verified one using Ashampo and it said it verified it successfully. I have no idea what to do at this point. I figure it must be the burner, but like I said, I am new to this.

Thanks for any help or suggestions.

First, try a different brand of dvds, Memorex are generally very low quality dvds. Second, are you sure you’re closing or finalizing the dvd?

Until you pick up some better media; Verbatim is readily available in most places, you might try burning your Memorex at half its rated speed. i.e. burn 16X discs at 8X.

Thank you very much for the quick responses.

I first tried to burn a Memorex at 8x with Ashampoo (that is the only software that I found the setting to finalize the DVD)…still unable to play the disc.

Then I found some Sony DVD-Rs (16x) around the house. I tried to burn one of them at 8x with Ashampoo…that disc works perfectly on both the computer and my xbox360

I feel great that I actually got something to work, however I am really confused. Does this mean that my DVD burner will only work with high quality (relatively more expensive) DVDs? Also, aside from Sony, what other DVDs would fall under this category? And since I’m asking all these questions anyway, what is the difference between DVD-R and DVD+R?

And finally, what blank DVDs do you recommend?

Thanks again.