My burns have just got 2x worse failures than before on dvdspeed? Normal?


Ok i have no idea why but this past week i have gotten bad burns from what i used to normally get. could someone please tell me why? 

Here is my setup by the way. I have a tsstcorp cd/dvdw ts-h552b GA4. I use clonedvd2 to burn at a speed of 8x on verbatim 16x dvd-r’s.
I also have a JVC standalone dvd recorder that i use with verbatim 16x dvd-rs also.

I have used this setup for about 2 months now and in that two months, my avergae pi failures for the tsstcorp burner would be around 900 at a max of 1 with a couple spikes at 2 / my average pi failures for the standalone would be about 2000 pi failures with a max of 3 and spikes at 3.
Now all of a sudden this past week i have been getting about 2000 pi failures on average with a max of 3 for the tsstcorp / and i am sometimes getting about 10,000 pi failures with a max of 5 for the standalone.

Now i dont think its just a coincidence that both of these burners have gone bad in the past week at the same time. Could it be that something is wrong with my cd/dvdspeed program, could something have happened to it in the past week that made it give these results? or could both burners have gone bad?? is it possible that after about 2 months of burning and using a dvd drive, that it goes bad?


I had a liteon 1633 that broke after 6 month and only 20 DVD burned. Any hardware can broke also after few time. If your drive is still in warranty, you can get a new one (providing that is broken).

Can you try to install that drive on a different computer? In this way you can exclude your computer configuration as cause of the problem.

Moreover, can you try to burn some media @12x? Usually (not always) 16x media give best results if burned @12x.

Your drive that you are testing with may be going south. I have had quite a few drives and none of them have failed that early, but it certainly can and does happen.

hmmm i see. But both drives at the same time??

isnt the dvdspeed test giving results of “how the drive is able to read the dvd”, not of actual errors on a disc (just errors resulting from not being able to read a disc.). and if this is true, maybe my drive is just having trouble with reading discs lately?

No, YOUR TESTING DRIVE, if it is reporting higher errors than it may be failing. One test would be to see if your older burns that burned very well still scan very well in your testing drive. If they haven’t and you’ve stored the discs properly, it’s another sign that your testing drive may be having issues.

good idea, ididnt even think of that. im gonna do that tonight thanks

Have you used different discs? Different batch? If not, this isn’t a media issue… so I should move the thread… please tell me :slight_smile:

no i havent

Thanks :slight_smile:

My best bet would also be that the scanning drive has issues. This happens. :frowning:

hmm i see. so are you going to move it?

In case you didn’t notice, it’s already been done :wink: