My burners are gettin annoying ... please help

hey … i have been using the sony dru-530 for about a year now wit no problems … ive used ridata , memorex, and maxell dvds without any problems … the last couple of weeks ive been gettin alot of dvds that dont work … the movie works on pc but when i burn it … they freeze … im using ridata printable dvds … and my sister just said she also couldnt burn a cd as well … i have no idea wat is wrong wit … any help would be nice … thx

Do a Defrag!!!

haha ok … i dont think ive done that once since ive gotten my pc … wat does it do anyways … oh and which drive should i do … i have 3 … should i just do the one with windows on it … or all 3?

Cleans up your HDD to make it burn much easier and nicer.

And yes, defrag all three drives.

ok thx … i hope this works

Report back with your results.

I can’t see a defrag helping much more than buffer underruns… The drive might just be starting to go.

You must have one hell of a system if you don’t have to do a Defrag once in a while to keep your burns at a great level. If this is the case you should let the rest of this forum in on your trick cuz everyone here that does a lot of DVD burning Defrag quite regularily. Some as much as once a week.

Once a week, that’s gotta be a huge strain on the drive…

Anyway, I guess we’ll see how it works out for this guy, I just don’t see how there could be a link between file fragments and PI errors.

It is more strain on a drive to have the read/write head jumping all over the drive to find the data every day, than it is to do it once a week.

well yea ive never done defrag … and ive burned prolly like 210+ dvds … and the the buffer in nero is still always at 99% … but lately … everything hasnt been burning properly … i also have another lg dvd/cdrw drive … and that messed up burning cd … well im on my last drive to defrag … so i hope this will work … is there anyway i can tell if its my drives that are messed up … cuz i dunno … like yesterday … i burned 2 dvds … one was good but the other froze

It’s like the man says. There are two kinds of people in this world.
Those who have had mishaps, and those still waiting for theirs to happen!

Wouldn’t hurt to do some transfer rate & quality tests with Nero and post but when you do the quality test, make sure to set it to 8X.


I must really stress my drive - I defrag with diskeeper 9 every day when I shut down-only takes 10-15 seconds-eh?


Hey Mikey… That’s got to be why your BenQ crapped out on ya. To much stress. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

ok my defrag is done … how do i do these tests … is it the nero cd-dvd speed? … oh and my burner can do 8x … but i dont think it will be good … cuz it went to 8x with the firmware upgrade

Sorry beecue. I’ve got BenQ on the brain. Cancell the 8X request and make it 4X for the sony. And yes, you use the CD DVD Speed for the tests. As far as your Defrag, did it prompt you that it was needed? How much red did you see when you did the first analize?

Another vote for Diskeeper (why isn’t this a poll? :)) I don’t really run auto anything, but since I’m back to dial up I guess I could turn back on the screen saver mode. I like this thread cause it reminded me I haven’t defragged in a month. I guess read errors on a standard IDE or even SATA drive are fairly high rate, which is why I prefer the near SCSI (ie Raptor) solution. The one thing that put me to SCSI back in the day was the error rates, which are much lower for IDE drives than they were when I ran SCSI (RAID0 on an IDE array was pretty risky then). How often to defrag just depends on use. I mean, I delete files once burned so assuming I don’t do much installing I think I can get away with longer periods between defrags. Plus I think optimizing the MFT helps, and optimizing all your memory timings and system voltages. There’s a balance in computing, defragmenting is just part of it. Optimizing your memory and processor would seem more important for quality. So many people overclocking thinking that if Windows boots it’s a stable overclock. I know, I used to be one of them.

lol yea it prompted me to defrag all the drives … and most of the bar was in red lol … so i will have to see tommorow if i can burn properly now … thx for all the help