My burner will read DVD-R but not DVD+R

I have a dell inspiron E1705 with a Sony DVD±RW DW-Q58A and it won’t read or burn DVD+Rs, whch it should. DVD-Rs work perfectly fine, just not the +Rs. Any suggestions?

what program are you burning with? what brand of media?

I’m pretty sure it has nothing to do with what I’m using to burn because the computer can’t read any DVD+R discs. It can only read DVD-Rs, thus only allowing me to burn with the type of disc that it can read.

But, i am using roxio 8 and i have a couple different types of discs.

I’m almost positive its something to do with the DVD drive itself.

has it ever read dvd+r’s before?

no, but it it is a [B]Sony DVD±RW DW-Q58A, [/B]so it should read and burn both, i just never really looked into the problem until now.

What other burning/DVD related tools are installed?

Nero 6, PowerISO, and i think thats about it.

Hey kcic, Run Nero Info Tool and see what it has to say about your drive. Seems to me that quite some time ago there was talk of Nero and Roxio clashing with each other. I’d check to see if there may be a firmware upgrade for the drive and if there is, try flashing it. If that doesn’t work, I’d dump Roxio and try just with Nero. IMO, Roxio Stinks!

What operating system are you running?

Also, I’m using Windows XP Media Center Edition

Also, I’m using Windows [B]XP Media Center Edition[/B][/QUOTE]

Try to find updates for that from m$.

as far as i know, i’m up to date with it