My burner records CDRW's fine but not CDR's

I have an LTR-48246s (48x24x48). It worked awesome for about a year. But now whenever I burn CDR’s with Nero it takes a really long time for the lead-in. Once it starts writing it is fast. I have experimented with different speeds. Sometimes when I use 48X it takes about 20-30 mins for a full CD. When I use a slower speed like 8X it might take about 10-15mins to burn. It seems the faster write speed I set, the longer it takes to write. The time it takes always varies. It used to take about 2-3 mins for a full CD. But burning CDRW’s on any speed works great. Does anyone have any advice?

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The first thing I’d suggest that you try is updating your recording software to the latest version. If that doesn’t help, update the firmware on the LTR-48246S to the latest version.

BTW, what recording software are you using?

May also be suffering from XP having defaulted to PIO mode. Uninstall the IDE controller and reboot.

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BTW, what recording software are you using?

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But now whenever I burn CDR’s with Nero

Oops, my mistake. :o

Do you have the latest update for your version of Nero? You can download the free updates at

Also, what operating system are you using?

I’m using Nero 6.0.11 and Windows XP Professional. I will try Uninstall the IDE controller and updating the firmware and see what happens.

I tried those 2 things and that didn’t help.

Is the drive operating in PIO mode, or DMA mode? You can find this in the properties page of the IDE channel to which the drive is attached (assuming you’re running Win2k or XP).

this is how it’s set:

We need more information on what is actually happening. Are the drive and read buffers fluctuating or are they full during the burn?
Set Nero to show the actual write speed and report back what it is indicating during the burn. (see the sticky in the software forum on how to do this)
Have you tried high-quality media?

I figured out what the problem was, it was the media. The good news is I don’t have to buy a new burner, but the bad news is I have 100 useless CD’s.
Thanks everyone for helping :slight_smile:

You’re welcome; I’m glad to hear that everything’s working now! :slight_smile: