My burner died, need new one

my old faithful sony dvd burner finally died last night. Been using it 3 or 4 years.

Been reading lots of the burner review on cdfreaks. Got a couple questions:

  1. do I need mt. ranier support? what exactly is it? I’ve heard it mentioned for a couple years now, but most burners still don’t support it… I believe it allows you to do the “drag & drop” thing with CD-RWs, rather than have to use 3rd party software, such as “InCD”.
  2. I want a LightScribe burner. The review of the Lite-on 165H6S sounds pretty good. Doesn’t have mt ranier though. I have read some “reviews” by consumers about Lite-on drives (on other websites) that basically say “lite-on drives suck”.
    So I was curious about the CDFreaks members opinions on them.


hmmm… how do you edit previous posts here?

been reading more reviews. Seems like no drives have mt. ranier support. guess mt ranier never caught on. Also, many “great” drives get a “LOW” point for having small buffers (2048K). Does a small buffer make any performance diff? How much more could it cost the company to make a decent sized buffer… 50 cents more probably.

What exaxctly do you plan on useing your burner for? This may help us help you. As for the editing part you are allow 15 min. to re edit your post after that a new post must be made.

What exaxctly do you plan on useing your burner for?

ripping & burning audio CDs, making mp3 CD compilation data discs, backing up some of my DVD movies, using CD-RWs & DVD-RWs for data backup.

edit: and burning dual layer discs

Since you want to back up DVD’s I suggest you get nothing in the realms that has drag n drop as those types of programs interfere with burning ( Backing up ) your DVD’s.

The prob with Mt. Ranier is on the software side, better saying on the O/S side as gentle Mr. Gates promised to provide XP native support in order to write with no need of packet writing software and…
However, you can’t say this doesn’t exist but to profit of it you have to go to Linux and you may find a kernel after 2.4.19 that offers you the goods.

If you allow me a piece of advice, go to DVD-RAM if you want a reliable drag&drop media and use your RWs as “normal” discs you can re-use. This could allow you to drop the packet writing software and all the compatibility problems with other applications.

Buffer size is important but not as much as it used to be due to today’s buffer underrun protection facilities, but if you can take a drive with 8MB do it, everything else being the same.

Considering all your requirements, it seems you want it all and will not be easy to find the optimal solution, as:

  • some good CD burners don’t burn DVDs;
  • some good drives will excel burning CDs but being not so good with DVDs and vice-versa;
  • the same for the DVD / DVD DL couple, plus the +(plus) versus - (minus) if you require it to burn both formats;
  • and at the end, asking a very good “reader” to be a very good “burner” can be too much.

On the top of it, you have the issue: is it fast enough?

So, here you can get opinions based on personal experience (and you have sound experience around here) but you will have to make some concessions and at the end the decision has to be yours.

oops, my bad. I forgot that a while back I put in a new AOpen CD burner in my windows machine, and it really burns CDs for me nicely.

So to replace my dead old sony dvd burner, a drive that burns DVDs great would be good. CD performance not as important.

I didn’t know windows (or winblows…) never did mt ranier support. My main machine is a linux box. Mandriva 2006. not sure what kernel I’m using at the moment… it may be 2.6.x.

My windows box is a win 2000 pro, SP4. Never wanted to cough up the money for XP…

If you get it I’m sure you’ll find better ways to spend it…

have a look here:

Have you consider this one? Interesting review, if you’re not after the top fastest drive.

which one?

I think I might buy the Lite-On SHM-165H6S. It got a good review here on CDfreaks. And its pretty cheap. I’ll probably get it at for $48.99 with free shipping.

Sorry, the link is missing.
It was a good review on the Plextor 750A, but just got another one not so in favour and the price is higher.
I also have seen very good refs to the Lite-On, it has all the facilities (including DVD-RAM) and price is important in this fast changing and obsolescence driven market.
Myself I’ve a Yamaha CD and Plextor (old 708A) and NEC DVD burners (4551).

I’ve had a pretty much flawless experience w/ two NEC burners, the ND-3550A and the 3520A. No, neither have LS or DVD-RAM, but for my uses, so far, I do not use either. I currently use a LITE-on SHM-165H6S which is an awesome drive! and the NEC ND-3550A which is also just as cool. I only wish my ND-3550A had lightscribe, as I have a lot of LS media around.

Personally, I say if you go w/ the NEC ND-3550A for dvd+r single layer burning and use mid to high quality media you won’t be sorry! I’ve only produced two coasters and one was due to inferior media and the other due to not letting my hdd feed the software buffer.

As for the SHM-165H6S, well, currently I am attempting to diagnose its problems of reading commercial dvd movies and dvd game discs… wish me luck!

ok, I just noticed that newegg has the liteon 165H6S for only $32.99, compared to amazon’s $47.99. Newegg’s is “OEM” though. What do you get in retail boxes that’s not in OEM boxes?

I’m just gonna plug it into my case and hook it up to my existing cables. Not sure if I have the “80” IDE cable though. I read other reviews that the H6S won’t work right with the 40 wire IDE cables.

Also, I purchased Nero Ultra 6 a couple years ago. These drives come with Nero OEM software - which I would not even need to install, right? However, I want lightscribe software, which the nero OEM software has. Mine purchased version did not come with it… I wonder if I ever downloaded an update that added lightscribe capability?

edit: I’m downloading & installing the first 2 version 6 updates now. Hopefully they will include lightscribe functionality.

I downloaded the first 2 major updates to Ultra 6. How do I tell if I have lightscribe or not? I don’t see anything about it, or any lightscribe option either. Maybe because I don’t have a lightscribe burner yet. But still, I would think there would be “Make lightscribe label” option somewhere?

How the #$@% do I tell if it has lightscribe or not?

Open Nero through SmartStart and go to extras. Print Lightscribe label is listed there. Can’t remember if you have to have a lightscribe drive installed for it to show up or not though, but that’s where it will be.

Personally, for Lightscribe labeling I prefer Surething.

thanks jh. I think that’s where I looked first. Not there. Two possibilities why not: Maybe I have to d/l more than the first 2 Version 6 updates (I think there’s maybe 5 updates) and possibly since I don’t have a lightscribe burner in my computer yet, it may not even show the option…

Is the retail box H6S worth $15 more? I’ve never ordered from newegg before, their prices seem really good. I’ll probably get the OEM drive from newegg.

Retail just includes cables and software (most likely Nero 6 OEM). Probably not really worth the extra $$.