My burner can read and write dvd-r but they arent reconized when inserted helpp

hi, i have a tsstcorp ts-h652m it can write and read dvd-r but my computer wont reconize that it has a dvd-r in it, i have two brands i have a spindell by sony and one by maxell, neither of them are reconized

for some background info im tyring to burn .iso to my dvd-r using imgburn or dvd decrypter

here r the specs and whatnot for my disc drive /burner…-TS-H652M.html

all help will be greatly appreciated ive googled litterally for hours now and found nothing

When you say it won’t recognize them what do you mean? Will it play a commercial dvd?

Read this thread:

it will read and burn everything fine until u put a dvd-r in it, then the disc drive thinks its empty and according to the specs it should b able to read and write dvd-r, and i have no idea about how to crossflash and the guy who was doing so never replyed with results, i probably dont have enough money to buy a new burner if i brick mine, all help is appreciate, and i thank u for at least replying and trying to help :slight_smile: