My burner burns, but doesn't burn!

I have an IDE1004 DVDRW which has generally worked fairly well over the past 10 months or so.

The drive is 4x compatable with DVDR and DVDRW both + and - so I wouldn’t have thought there is too much of a compatability problem

If I use a bulkpak DVDRW the machine burns fine

If I use a DVDR, and I have tried 4 types now, it looks like it burns OK (I’m using Roxio Easy CD 6) and no errors are reported. It spits the disc out and says that all is well.

I put the disc back in to see the burned files and it shows nothing - empty drive. The CD software verifies that it is not an empty disc, the disc itself looks like it has been burned. I try to look at it on another PC and get the same result

I looked up the firmware version (which is 43) using nero infotool. I have found firmware updates but they all come with warnings that I may bugger the drive altogether if I get it wrong - How likely is this ?

I’m not exactly a PC beginner but this has got me beat as this is getting a bit too in-depth now !

I’m currently purchasing discs in singles to see if I can find a type that works, but surely it can’t be that fussy about the disc manufacturer???

Any help gratefully recieved !

I would say try +R media i have a BTC 1004 IM and i can say the drive burns +R better then -R.
Another thing i experienced was when i used “cheap” Media it got worse but i could use the discs (some not all the most were for the garbage can)
Another thing you should consider it could be a faulty drive.
Some people had several probs with the BTC 1004IM here it failed one day and burned but the discs were unusable.