My burned dvd isnt working on widescreen

i am trying to burn some movies but they will not work on my 56" inch widescreen tv, however, it will work on my 27". on the widescreen, the image goes to the right of the screen and no matter what aspect i put the tv on, i cant get it to work!!! anyone know what i can do???

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I’m not a video expert, but I think that to get an answer you should give more details :slight_smile:

What movies are you trying to burn exactly? Which format? Are these AVI, DVD or other?

What is the resolution of the movies? Which softwares are you using currently?

ok well i am pretty much computer challenged so bear with me!
im trying to burn transformers to a dvd. im not sure what you mean by format. and is an avi file.
im not sure how to find out the resolution of the movie…i think the ratio is 16:9 or something? i burned the dvd using windows dvd maker.
hah im sorry i dont have any more knowledge. i really just have no idea what i am doing

Where did you get the original?Windows dvd maker will not do copy protected material.

watch out for alan the mod, he might come in and start crying about you trying to burn dvds

If he does it’s his job.

um i downloaded it from thepiratebay…so its not an actual copy lol but if it works on one of my tv’s, does that mean that it is some setting on the bigger tv thats making it go offscreen?

I know your new… but you should read the forum rules before you get in trouble

Hmmmmm case closed :eek:

sorry didnt read the rules and im probably not going to…ill just find someone i know who understands this stuff! but thanks for your help anyways guys!

Then you shouldnt be here, honestly…

Please respect our forum rules then we will respect you.

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