My burn quality - please help how to interpret result

I am pretty new to burning dvd’s. This is about my 3rd burn and have a question regarding the quality of the burn.

I don’ know how to paste the picture, so I have attached a file saved from the quality test after the burn (so this is how to attach the file):

The burn has 99% but it has 172 po failures. How do I interpret these numbers? Thanks in advance for your explanations.

Edit: BTW, I also burned a few more, some are 95/97 score, but no po failures. Is it better to have no po failure or is it better to have higher score? I burned with DVD Shrink-DVDDecryptor at max speed which is 12x.

PO failures indicate a coaster in most all instances. your PIE and PIF look good, but i wouldn’t settle for any PO errors at all - even if your stand-alones can play the disc (which i doubt they can without issues).

Hey, did you try rescanning that same disc with all the PO Failures? See if you get the same results of all the failures.

One time i scanned a disc without removing it from the drive right after i burned it, and it said there were a couple hundred PO Failures. I took it out, put it back in and rescanned it and the disc ended up being fine.

true, and if you have another error-checking capable drive, try scanning it in that one too just to confirm.

JD: your are DaMan indeed. I rescanned, got a score of 98 and no PO failures. I am so happy, since I got 50 of these cheap blanks. Thanks.

Thats good to hear. Now as long as it plays fine in your standalone, you are golden :slight_smile:

How inpolite of me! Thank you for your help. Now I understand what po failure means.

no worries, glad you got it all sorted in the end. :iagree:

where do you get those ritek dvds for cheap in toronto?

These are RiData DVD+r 8x. I purchase 50 for $22 plus tax back at Christmas time in Mississauga when it was on sale. But normally you can find them selling for about $25 in Canadacomputers for a 50 spindle.