My burn quality of Fujifilm 8x +R vs Ridata 16x +R



My apologies if someone has posted this comparison already.

Ridata 16x +R @16x: 91%
Fujifilm 8x +R @16x : 93%
Ridata 16x +R @12x : 96%
Fujifilm 8x +R @12x : 98%

Regular price of Ridata 16x +R : $15CAD for 25 (60cents each)
Sales price of Fujiflm 8x +R : $25 CAD for 50 (50cents each). Regular price is $1.00 each.
So, Ridata 16x +R is not bad when Fujifil is not on 50% sale.


I would be happy with any one of those.
But one question could you may your pictures any bigger? :rolleyes: :bigsmile:


I just save the pictures and attached them, did not make any change in size. It is normal size compared to other posts, so not sure what you see here.


I like that T02 12x burn…nice. That’s how all burns should be. Nice comparison.

Your pix look big to me too…bigger than other scans posted here.


Most captured pictures here have size approx. 640*480.
The above pictures are approx. 850 * 600.

I conjecture his CDDVDSpeed had larger window when he captured it.
I don’t know how, I can’t find an option.


Man, my Ridata 16x DVD+r didn’t look ANYTHING like that. I had 200+ PIE avg and if I was lucky, the grade would be above 60.


Maybe e268’s Windows is using Large Size (120 DPI) instead of Normal Size (96 DPI) in Display Settings?


Yes, I am using 120 dpi. How do I make it smaller without changing my desktop setup?
May be I’ll use photo editor to shrink it next time, if you guys do not have another alternative. Also, I am using a 24" monitor, but I did not think it matters.


Why should you change your display setup at all if you’re happy with it the way it is? Because somebody in this forum was wondering why your Nero CD-DVD Speed scans were bigger than everybody elses scans?

Just keep your setting as they are now and let us silently envy your 24" monitor. :bow:


Not really… if the font’s are too small at 96 DPI… the resolution is simpliy to big for this monitor. Changing to 120 DPI partialy solves the problem but it’s always recommended in this situation to lower the resolution not to increase the font size. This is better for the eyes and for the monitor. Many monitors support very big resuolutions regardless of this. Some 19 inch CRT monitors are capable of 1920x1600 resolution… but this resolution is simply usless for so small monitor and also the refrash rate at this resolution is too small.


Got to love those Fuji +R x8 discs - I swear by em :slight_smile:



I use 150 dpi even with my 14"dell laptop (native res is SXGA - 1280x1200). I have no problem with it at all except sometimes some web site have overlapping fields. With my Desktop, I use Dell 2405 (native res 1920x1200), and since it is large, I can use 120 dpi and be very comfortable with it, and when I am on the web, I use 24 pt fonts (using firefox browser), because the monitor is placed about 36" away from my eyes. Anyway, I found out how to make the QScan smaller to 640x480 using the MS Photo Editor (quite easy actaully, but never had the need to before).


It seems that CDDVDSpeed increases the whole window size if one uses a larger font. Good job (for the programmers).

Now I prefer using the default size (96 dpi). I used to use 120 dpi but there are some programs that do not respect users who love larger fonts. They may fix the windows size and try to display all the texts with larger fonts; as a result part of the content is lost. After experiencing a few such problems I gave up using larger fonts.

It is a serious issue. One usually use the max resolution for LCD monitors but some of them (especially notebooks) have too small fonts at default.


What version of firmware were you using and did you use speedpatch?


I am using B7T9 alone. I am thinking of upgrading to B7V9 qith speedpatch.


Nice, I just bought some Fuji 8X so I’ll give it a try with the V9 with speedpatch


I burned it with B7V9, speedpatch, rpc1. The burn quality is 91% instead of the 93% for B7T9, both burned at 16x.


Take half a minute or maybe a minute extra and get a perfect burn instead of one that is really not good enough (625 PIE max).


My previous graph for 16x burn with B7T9 has 23 PIE max. So, I am saying B7V9 is not as good as B7T9. I am doing more burns to confirm this.


I reduced the speed to 12x using B7T9 speed and rpc1 patched. I got a 99. Will post it in Hall Of Fame. :smiley: