My burn didnt worked with the way u said pal

Hello i m from india and yesterday night i tried burning my dvd with the way u said i mean i downloaded the file for the profile settin i have 5.5.10 nero and it strted in the same way but when i burnt the same it didnt worked the probs was the pioneer player was sayin tht it is not a dvd and other dvd player was showin all the contents but it was playin chapter wise i mean every time i have to come to the main menu and select the chapter and then it was being played actually i used dvd decryptor to copy this movie to the hard disk but the probs was tht this movie was taken from a multi dvd movie so i was not also able to get the menu file also and other thing i used the way to decrypt was by chapter wise and when i decrypted all the contents to the hard disk then only the thing i got was 23 chapters of the movie thats all and then i shifted all those files to the nero by using the same profile and then burnt it but it didnt worked in the players as a video dvd it worked as a data dvd… So is there any suggestions tht where i was wrong pls let me know tht how should i decrypt my dvd in the hard disk and was the way i used to write the DVD [ul]
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