My BTC1004@1008 is died after the upgrade....HELP MY!

Yesterday evening I have changed firmware but although the flash it has gone to good aim, after to have resettato the PC, hour the BTC1004 is died. The drawer of the DVD is not opened not even and in the post it begins them the PC jams why it more does not succeed to recognize the peripheral one,quite it remains always ignited the red spy on case (HD). Help me!!!

NB:If I try to reflash me says “Unknow Flash Memory”… that I make?

Excused my English bad one, but use google for translate.

see my sig, the recover link

Tank you of true heart. I have made a hard work, since it did not want to make me to leave the program mtkflash, therefore I have connected a HD with partitions FAT32 and are successful to make to revive from ashes my BTC1004 that hour sees it like BTC1008!

Hour I must flash it with the FW of the just BTC1008? Not more those of the BTC1004 obviously. Which FW me councils like stability in burning and compatibility of the supports? Truly still thanks thousands!

Marco S. from Italy!

I think it’s better come back to 1004 FW… did you look at 0051 FW ( )? I’ve been trying it for some days and my BTC looks a brand-new burner!! It has improved speed and stability with cheap media as well (like PRINCO)!!

In any case, you can’t make your 1004 a 8x burner, so… Why to risk?

Italian translation:

ciao Marco,

Io penso sia meglio ritornare al FW per il 1004. Hai guardato al FW 0051 (l’ultimo uscito)? Lo sto provando da alcuni giorni, e il mio masterizzatore sembra rinato. sono incrementate le prestazioni in velocità (non avevo mai masterizzato a 4x!!!) e il numero di media supportati (perfino i PRINCO, che prima mi bruciava in quantità )

Comunque il tuo 1004 non masterizzerà mai a 8x … Per cui, xché rischiare?

I have as soon as installed the last one to firmware of BTC1008 (0059). I have made a test with Nero Cd-dvd Speed, while before it turns out to you was badly, hour are many bonds. I have not flashed it in order to write to 8x, but they say writes better the poorly supports, and before I had tried the same version of FW that you have. Hello.

But you are italian or not??? I’m Italian…tanx for translate!!! ^__^’

hi marco

good to hear that your drive is working again.

you can always flash back to 1004 under dos (the same way you recovered the drive, without the connection trick).

Ok…but the FW v.0059 of BTC1008 is better of the last one fw of the BTC1004?

Tanx! ^_-

i don´t know, you can only try it with the medias you have and compare the results.

But I have noticed that with Nero Cd-dvd Speed as arrives to 20% approximately of the quality test, one jams and me writes “ILLEGAL TRACK” with a number between parenthesis, while if I make the scandisc does not find no error. Also I have tried to verify the file that I have recorded and installing them but it does not give me no problem.

How never according to you exits that message of error?
You say that it is better to bring back it to BTC1004?