My BTC Crashes about 3/4 of the Burn

I just bougth it, Updated the Firmware (it went fine), and It hangs reporting an error sometimes in the beginning of the burn sometime towards the end. Ive tried it as a Slave on my secondary IDE port and I have also made it its own master on a Promise Card. Neither works. Im tried 2x Maxell Media and 2x and 4x Fuji media (All -R). The Drive reads like a champ but refuses to burn.

Im using Recordnow Max to copy the DVD’s (PS2 games)

Ive also Installed and Ran Nero 6.3 Once again with Nero the Drive Reads the Disks Fine but Nero wont even start the burn the system just hangs.

My Systerm
P3 tualatin @ 1500 on a I815 Chipset
512 Megs of PC 133
60 Gig Maxtor HD
Win XP

All my drivers are up to date everything is in top notch working condition and My Plextor 48X CDRW burns like a champ.

What the hell is wrong here Im willing to take any suggestions…

I just did a test run with RecordnowMax, The Test Finished recording the Data and during the Finalization and Testing Run the following error was reported:

Error -10 at Sector 1478048 - Command:55 Sense:FF ASC:02 ASCQ:0E

BTC Should stand for Bogus Technology Company. I just returned my 1004 and bought a Sony 510A and the first burn i attempted with the sony worked 110% Where as earlier today the BTC Crashed my system. Go Figure you get what you pay for.